What should I bring to the jiu jitsu class?

Bring an open mind, sports attire (must be tight fitting as loose t shirts and sweat pants can lead to fingers/toes getting caught), and plenty of water. If it’s a Gi class we’ll lend you a Gi. All jewellery and watches must be removed before class.

Do I need to buy a Gi?

If you come down for a trial we’ll lend you a Gi, so need to buy one. If you decide to join, you’ll need to purchase your own Gi within the first few months - we’ll continue lending you a Gi until you get your own.

Can i come to observe a training session?

Absolutely. If you’re not ready to jump inthe deep end and just want to take a peek at what it’s allabout, then come on down. You’ll need to sign up for the free week trial and the visit will count towards the use of the trial pass.

I’m a member of a Legion13 affiliate school, can I train with you for free?

Yes, definitely. We’d appreciate if you got in touch beforehand so that we know when you’re going to pop in.

Do I need prior martial arts experience to join?

You don’t need prior martial arts experience - whether in Jiu Jitsu or another martial art - to join. We cater to all levels of experience - whether you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned grappler, the learning never stops.