Do you want to get really, “whole-body” fit, surprisingly quickly? Come roll BJJ! Are you looking for a real physical and mental challenge, in hand-to-hand combat that resembles a game of chess -all without the painful strikes and kicks of other martial arts? Come roll BJJ! Are you looking for a smart self-defence that doesn’t matter much how big or strong you are and will help level the playing field when required? Come roll BJJ! Are you looking for new people to meet and share in something that is infectiously interesting, fun and will work your mind as much as your body? Come roll BJJ!
— Michael Bazaley, Perth Westren Australia

I started Jiu Jitsu here 2 year ago and I’m hooked. Coach George’s positive attitude is infectious and very welcoming, something I’ve found lacking at previous martial arts that I tried to get into. Everyone was very encouraging when I started and 2 year on I’m still here and training. I’ve lost 15 kilos so far, have learnt applicable self defence and have loved every step of it.
— Alexander Nilsson-Faulds, Perth Western Australia

I have been training with George in one on one private tuition

His skill base is absolutely amazing

His ability to part the information in a very simple systematic approach is highly professional and enjoyable.

George prides himself on ensuring his teachings are both understood and practiced until they become refined

Brilliant inspiration amazing Instructor.
— Joe, Perth Westren Australia

Awesome quality of facility and not pretencisous! After being a member at other gyms, I often felt like just a number without a sense of belonging, not at this gym. Easily accessible schedules to know what’s happening through the week and activities for almost all age groups from children to men’s only, women’s only or mixed classes.

The staff and coaches were always very helpful and welcoming because you can feel the sense of pride they have to represent their establishment, information is straight forward and questions were dealt with by staff who you would encounter in person.

Great location for access both by public transport, drive or walk/bike ride.
— Alexander Paddon, Perth Westren Australia

I am very thankful that Inglewood offers such an excellent (and highly relevant) sport for our kids - especially our girls. George is an excellent role model, and a very good teacher.
— Louise Bertola, Perth Westren Australia

Awesome place to learn and practice Brazilian jiu jitsu in a friendly welcoming environment.
I found the people very nice and coach George very thorough and technical.
— Cherie Huges, Perth Westren Australia

This place is amazing. The facility is spacious and the variety of things that make you sweat; numerous. Most importantly though Coach George has been a great teacher of Brazilian jiu-jitsu and the people are the fantastic. 858 seems to have collected all the nice people from the area and I think the trainers may have something to do with that.
— Mason Bazeley, Perth Westren Australia


BEST: When talking about the best thing about BJJ, two things come to mind:
1. The sense of belonging and pride I feel when I show up to class. The whole community is so nice and the fact that we help each other to grow is really something special.
2. The pride you feel when you start noticing your own personal improvement each class. Each time you tap someone or get tapped, you learn just that little bit more; adding the small pieces to the overall puzzle one by one.

MOST CHALLENGING: The realisation that no matter how hard you try, there are always going to be limits; and that technique and hard work will always prevail over raw strength.
— Gemma Smith, Perth Westren Australia